PAC Exhibition 2011-2021

Starting an office in Berlin in 2011 was both a leap of faith as well as seemingly the next logical step. After several years of work experience in New York City and Rotterdam we were both ready for a new challenge as well as ambitious to collaborate and implement our own design ideas on new projects.

Fortunately, we could kick-start our practice with two direct commissions: a small house extension in Kent, England and a larger, 8-unit passive house for a building group in Potsdam. This range from a minimal 10m2 extension and renovation for an elderly couple to a complex design and construction process dealing with passive house standards, tight budgets and a whole group of clients, we found to be very fertile ground to explore new ideas in housing and living in a rural context.

10 years on, the completion of ‘Studinest’, an apartment complex with 72 units for students in the center of Rostock and our largest project to date, represents the full spectrum of our work: from small to large, from simple to complex and from rural to urban.

We want to celebrate these 10 years by focusing on our built projects that highlight our accomplishments from Berlin ‘newbies’ to now.