Full design services (LP 1-8), completed 2009
Hameln, Germany
124m² / 234m² living area before / after
Single-family house renovation and addition
Shortlisted for the Archdaily Building of the Year Award 2009

The site is located in a dense neighbourhood from the 1950s with typical “Siedlungshäuser”, very common in Germany.
We decided not to demolish the old rundown house, but to renovate and upgrade it with an innovative and contrasting addition.
The new extension is conceived as a simple volume that embraces the old. Wrapped around the old building, it generates a courtyard typology with a covered terrace, which opens up to the garden and towards the sun. A variety of spatial configurations and fluent transitions from inside to outside make the house appear open, yet not transparent. Haus+ forms an interesting contrast between old and new with its unique, yet strangely familiar form.