Invited Competition + Schematic Design, 2013
Potsdam Drewitz, Germany
Café and flexible event space

The new café is located at the intersection of two pathways in the middle of a neighborhood park. The building’s form is reminiscent of a pebble and maximises the available surface area. The abstract volume opens up during the day for the café life to spill out on to the plaza, and at night it becomes a glowing sculpture. The surrounding residential buildings all look down on to the café making the roof an important fifth façade.
The interior layout is clear and simple. Adjacent to the open café room a compact service block includes all necessary functions such as bar counter, kitchen, toilets and storage. With its generous ceiling height, the café room becomes a flexible event space. In contrast to the warm friendly interior clad in plywood, the exterior is completely clad in rough hard weathered corten steel that will age and change through the seasons