Interior design services (LP1-5), Under construction 2017
Berlin, Germany
Music school caféteria

dBs Music is a music school that was founded in 1998 in Plymouth, England with the “aim of readdressing the way music technology training was taught at the time.”

In 2013 dBs Music opened a school in the old Funkhaus, Berlin with a HQ in Friedrichshain. The new center in Friedrichshain required a social, informal meeting area called dBs Kitchen, for the students that could double as both a cafe and flexible teaching space.

The existing open ground floor space for dBs Kitchen was designed by incorporating the program into boxes of different materials, which introduced objects within the 4.7m high space. These objects created both closed teaching spaces and toilets while also defining the space for a kitchen, flexible seating as well as an informal library / reading area. The rough material pallette expresses the industrial history of the space with chipboard, re-used pallettes, storage boxes and shuttering plywood.