International Competition 2013, second round
Nürnberg, Germany
6.000 sqm
, 84 units
Inner city housing block

The new pixelated perimeter-block is a low-rise dense housing development that maximises openness, terraces and views as well as individuality. The design introduces a striking, alternating pattern of protruding living spaces and protected outdoor spaces that step back forming a generous open courtyard. The design challenges the typical homogeneous appearance that is common in housing block developments, by exposing the individuality of the separate living units, incorporating terraces and creating a sense of community.
The design is based on a 2.5m x 3.75m structural grid that creates volumetric simplicity and modularity. The varied apartment types interlock with the vertical circulation generating a repetitive yet individual pixelated form. The 7 types (ranging from 55m² to 130m²) allow for a flexible arrangement of walls within the apartments catering for diverse living styles