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Status: full design services (LP 1-8), 6 months construction time, completed 2013
Location: West Malling, Kent UK
Size: 150m²
living area, 100.000,00 £
Program: 1890s cottage renovation and addition


The Pines is a small renovation and extension to an old 1890’s Victorian ragstone cottage in Kent, England. It had been extended twice before (in 1980 and again in 2000) and was in need for an upgrade. Its interior configuration of small rooms and the bad state of its prior additions no longer provided a comfortable living standard for the recently retired owners.

Our proposal maximises the very tight budget by limiting the new extension to only 18m² and totally renovating the interior spaces. The new extension and the existing addition are uniformly clad with a vertical timber façade that makes them read as a single volume.

The vertical black Larch timber simultaneously complements as well as contrasts with the old ragstone wall of the original Victorian house. It references the typical black stained barns of the surrounding Kent farms. The new entrance with a folded steel porch was cut through the ragstone wall.

Our design consolidates the previously small interior rooms on the ground floor to create a 50m² open plan living area.

A column-free corner window and two skylights are the features of the new extension. All new windows were installed flush to the exterior façade with an interior lining of birch veneer. The new terrace and balcony orientate the spaces to the garden and link the interior with the exterior.