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Status: International Ideas Competition 2012
Location: Natz-Schabs, Italy
Size: 10 ha Site Area

Program: Nature Park with Water Cleaning Facility and Open Air Stage
Collaboration with: Monika Marasz, Volkmar Schulz

The new heart of the former NATO military site is an ambivalent ensemble of open air theatre and natural bathing lake. The two connect in form of a floating stage. Hidden within the wetlands to the South of the lake is a plant-based grey water cleaning facility which treats the waste water of the adjacent villages Natz and Viums and collects it in a reservoir. This purified water can be used to irrigate the apple tree plantations without having to tap into the valuable drinking water capacities of the community.

The forested areas of the site are renaturated whereas other areas become wild flower and fruit tree meadows. The south facing hills feature solar trees which also provide shade for parked vehicles. The tilted surfaces of the open air theatre are used as bioreactor surfaces which produce energy through artificial photosynthesis. All harvested energy will cover the demands of the whole site.